Products for Partners

Our platform provides access to a range of insurance products, designed with your policyholder’s needs at the forefront of our thinking.

It allows you to obtain quotes, access policy summaries, product training documents and retrieve policy documentation for client's within minutes.

In addition, broker's can receive support from our in-house claims teams, including our award winning Contact Centre, providing 24/7 FNOL and motor claims handling services.

Motor Legal Expenses (Before the Event)

Our fully underwritten, motor legal expenses policy is provided by an A Rated insurance company.

Benefits include:

  • £100,000 limit of indemnity
  • 24/7 Legal Advice Line
  • Motor Prosecution Defence Cover
  • Uninsured Loss Recovery and Personal Injury Handling
  • Pothole Cover

Excess Protection

We offer various annually renewable excess insurance policies including:

  • Motor Excess Insurance – Covers your client’s excess in the event of a fault claim
  • Motor Excess Plus – Covers all cars excesses registered at the client's home address in the event of a fault claim.
  • Lifestyle Excess – 1 simple policy that will reimburse your client's non recoverable excess on the following 3 main policies: Motor, Home and Annual Travel Insurance.
  • Multi Motor Lifestyle Excess – Same as Lifestyle excess, however in addition covers up to 5 vehicles registered at the home address

Guaranteed Replacement Vehicle

Keeping your clients mobile when their insurance policy doesn’t provide a vehicle.

  • A single, all inclusive replacement vehicle policy that guarantees mobility across multiple vehicle types after an incident.
  • Covers standard cars, prestige cars, vans up to 3.5t GVW as well as private hire taxis
  • Affords 21 day duration and up to 2 incidents per year
  • Covers incidents: Fire, Theft, Malicious Damage, Total Loss and AD undriveable vehicles
  • Cash in lieu benefit up to maximum duration under policy

We also offer our Essential product which is aimed at providing mobility for the infrequent driver or those not requiring a specific vehicle, where a 1.4 hatch back would be adequate.

Guaranteed Asset Protect (GAP)

Vehicles depreciate in value at an alarming rate. If the motor insurers decide a vehicle is a write off they will only pay what they consider to be the market value for the vehicle. This could be less than what is outstanding on finance and is very likely to be less than the original value. GAP Insurance covers the financial shortfall and we have a range of GAP products that are tailored to how your customer has acquired their vehicle. Available for both private and commercial vehicles.

We can offer cover for; Cars, Commercial Vehicles up to 44ton, Driving Schools, Fleets, Motorhomes & Motorbikes.